Children & Family Ministry

In San Pedro Sula, Esther’s House is dedicated to combating human trafficking through raising awareness and empowering the lives of survivors through a long-term aftercare residential program. Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing living environment that facilitates spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healing along with support services and educational and vocational opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We are currently conducting a monthly outreach to prostituted women. We are providing orientation, job, and craft training.Esther’s house also works to inspire and engage local and global communities in a collaborative effort to battle human trafficking.


El Proyecto Mariposa 0% Interest Loan Program

is focused on empowering women affected by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to gain economic freedom.


The 0% interest loans must be used for tuition for education or vocational training programs or to purchase tools and supplies to start or expand a small business. Loans are available up to $1500.00 US dollars.




In 2015 we began a partnership with a local church in Tirana, Albania to participate in a feeding program called The Butterfly Project.  This program began by providing a healthy meal and a time of bible stories 2 days per week for children of the Roma community, who live in extreme poverty and do not attend school.  We added a second project and increased to 5 days per week and began providing basic education skills along with sharing the gospel and feeding the children.   Our purpose was to prepare the children to enter the public-school system so that they could get an education and increase their chances of ending the cycle of poverty that is prevalent in their community.  Over the last 4 years, we have taken medical and dental teams to provide healthcare and training.


With Advantage Academy we have taken a team of educators who provided training to public school teachers and trained the volunteers and staff of the Butterfly Project.  We have also taken teams and hosted summer day camps for the Roma children.  One of our largest projects has been the building of a community center in Babrru, Albania.  We have been the major supporter of the construction of an 8,000+ sq. ft. building that will host a medical and dental clinic, vocational training for adults in the area, a feeding program, after school care and summer camps, as well as church services.


"When you cared for one of the least of these my little ones... you demonstrated love for me."                                                                                                                                                        – Matthew 25:40