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KidsArk International 

In October of 2019 a new ministry opportunity was presented to us in Pena Blanca, Honduras.  We have begun a partnership with Kids Ark International Youth Camp which serves the children and teens of Honduras. We are participating in feeding programs throughout the community. 

Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp is a bible-based, interdenominational Youth Camp ministry committed to helping the youth of Honduras, and North America.


KidsArk cooperates with Christian churches and other Christian organizations around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the Gospel message within their land and on foreign soil.


Working together with our fellow believers, KidsArk Camp's goal is to help give every young person, from our region of the world, an opportunity to help kids in another land. Allowing kids from North America to participate in ministry, evangelism and benevolence programs - while sharing God's word - long term change will take place in their hearts and minds.

As kids, youth, adults and families come to Kids’ Ark International Youth Camp, they are able to get away from the urgency, the business, and the distractions of the world; they are able to focus on those things that are truly most valuable. For kids and youth, this means digging deeply into God’s word while experiencing the most amazing adventures imaginable; it means having that time of steadfast focus on the Creator in the midst of climbing, swinging, jumping, competing and making noise; it means experiencing the reality of the love of God through activities at camp, and it means a life-changing encounter with the One who loves you most while surrounded by some experiences you will never forget.


"When you cared for one of the least of these my little ones... you demonstrated love for me."                                                                                                                                                        – Matthew 25:40

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